Using accelerometer-tilt to control Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball game

I have received  quite a lot feedback asking for tilt control.
Actually, controlling the game by tilting your device has been supported from the very beginning.

So, for all of you who might have missed this cool feature, Trailbreaker is a game with pretty flexible  controller layout setup. Until I think of more obvious way,  until next game update, here is how you can customize game controls right away:

From the main intro menu, select SETTINGS.

If you like TILT accelerometer controls, please turn on TILT DEVICE TO STEER.


From this menu, you can also click on CONTROLS LAYOUT. There you will be able to select you favorite layout for soft buttons, including previews,  from 6 predefined setups. t03

Confirm all dialogs with OK tapping OK button, and that’s it!
Your settings will be activated and saved until next time you change them.

Any questions you might have, I’ll be happy to answer. best regards.



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