Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball press release


Trailbreaker Jupiter Edition

Android Free-to-Play, fast and smooth arcade/action game. Designed for tablets and phones.


Inspired by popular 80’s video game Trailblazer.
Drive your ball – Jupiter along a series of suspended courses. Roll left and right to avoid the cracks and be careful not to fall off the edge of the path as you go.

Number of lives are limited on most levels. Sometimes the number of jumps are also limited. Top left corner of the screen will show you available jumps. Top right corner will show you number of lives.

Almost every Trailbreaker game level has been named after a real celestial object.
Once you successfully finish a level, a random interesting fact about Jupiter will be shown.

250 and more game levels across 8 level packs:
– LEARN level pack. Short tracks, easy starter levels.
– ARCADE you are racing against time.
– SPEED longer tracks, more speed. At most speed levels number of jumps are limited.
– PEACE slow, real torque simulator. You should play this level pack differently. For instance, once you jump and in the air, it is really hard to control your ball, until it touches ground again. Use ‘break’ to slow down your ball. Balance well, it is not so hard to finish this level pack.
– SPACE JUNK everyone’s favourite. Junk from space is falling around you. You can hit any piece of junk, it will slow you down and bounce you around, just keep staying on the track watching carefully countdown timer.
– ARCADE and SPEED challenge, once you finish all ‘arcade’ or ‘speed’ levels, challenge will be unlocked. A bit faster than a original level packs, this time you’ll have only one try. Do not fall off the edge. Not even once.
– RANDOM level pack, another everyone’s favourite, once you pass 500 miles combined, this level will be unlocked. Twelve randomly generated tracks, every time you play, different track will be created. Endless fun..


– Levels are procedurally generated. Main advantage is instant starting of level, no wait/loading time between levels.
– Game is free, ad supported. No ads during game play.
– Some levels limits number of jumps and/or number of lives. There are levels you’ll race against time. Races are quite brief and usually last between 20 and 90 seconds. Sometimes tiles are bumpy.
– Highly customizable controls. 6 touch-soft buttons layouts. Choosing steering between accelerometer/tilt (with sensitivity adjustment) or soft buttons.
– Game does not need active internet connection (it is offline game).
– Game keeps your total mileage, rank (you’ll gain a star by finishing all levels in one level pack) and best time for each level.
– Rich media (graphics and sound), small installation/download file size, less than 45Mb.








Milos Visnjic, Gemini Software Studio.
This is one person indie development. No prior releases.
Milos aka Mike has been playing video games since the exciting times of the ZX Spectrum and CBM64, and still recalls cassette tapes as main storage media. By this time he taught himself how to program in basic and assembler. C comes few years later. Milos aka Mike never mastered C++. Object Pascal (Delphi) was his favorite. Today, his programming languages of choice are Java and C#. Since December 2015. Milos is doing full time as independent android games/apps developer.
Game music:
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Design and Programming
Milos Mike Visnjic


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