Geometry press release


February 4, 2017 – Gemini Software Studio, independent software development company has announced its next game, “Geometry” for Android handheld devices.


Geometry is a quietly innovative arcade/action – style puzzle and is sure to be popular.

The player must try to remove the coloured geometrical bodies from the3D board by shooting them around with the swipe of a finger. It’s easy to play and accomplished with nice classical music and excellent sound effects, offering pleasant experience.

Geometry is a true touchscreen original.  It feels so distinct from every other puzzle on the market. Collide two of the same – a third will spawn. Collide two or more non-identical ones, they’ll disappear. Develop some tactics following common sense and enjoy countless levels. And, yes, keep your eye on the number of moves!


  • Touch, drag and release to shoot (slingshot)
  • Multi-touch supported!
  • Make combos… smash 3 or more at the same time.
  • 3D physics playing board.
  • Playing board rotation supported.
  • Leader board supported
  • Achievements
  • Automatic cloud progress saving
  • Easy Facebook score share
  • More levels coming on regular basis


Feb 2017. on GooglePlay:




Milos Visnjic






Milos Visnjic, Gemini Software Studio.

This is one person indie development. Milos/Gemini has more than  5 recent releases.

Milos aka Mike has been playing video games since the exciting times of the ZX Spectrum and CBM64, and still recalls cassette tapes as the main storage media. By this time he taught himself how to program in basic and assembler. C comes few years later. Milos aka Mike never mastered C++. Object Pascal (Delphi) was his favorite. Today, his programming languages of choice are Java and C#. Since December 2015 Milos is working  full time as an independent android games/apps developer.

Design and Programming

Milos Mike Visnjic


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