Milos aka Mike has been playing video games since the exciting times of the ZX Spectrum, and still recalls cassette tapes as the main storage media. By this time he taught himself how to program in basic and assembler. C comes few years later. Milos aka Mike never mastered C++. Object Pascal (Delphi) was his favorite. Today, his programming languages of choice are Java and C#.

Gemini Software Studio, well that is actually one person software development setup. That would be Milos aka Mike and his computers.

First gaming obsession: New York, New York!, 1980 Sigma/Gottleib Arcade
First home computer gaming obsession: HORACE AND THE SPIDERS (ZX Spectrum, 1983 Sinclair Research Ltd UK).

My first published Android game is Trailbreaker Jupiter Edition:


Talk to you soon, thanks for reading this,


Google Play:
Trailbreaker at Google Play


Trailbreaker at Facebook



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