Rewarded ads

New versions of our games are out.
This time we implemented¬†rewarded ads. If you stuck on some level, now you can watch an ad and receive nice rewards that will help you win the level. Make no bones about it ūüôā

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Blast from the past

Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball – Jupiter Edition available for Android handheld devices is a ZX Spectrum Trailblazer inspired title.

Here is a nice comparison in one video. 30 years. Wow.

ZX Spectrum:
Title: Trailblazer
Year of release: 1986
Publisher: Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd (UK)
Re-released by: Erbe Software S.A. (Spain) Ricochet (UK)
Authors: Mr. Chip Software (Shaun Hollingworth, Peter M. Harrap, Chris Kerry, Steve Kerry, Terry Lloyd)

Remarks: Winner of the Year’s Best – 1986 Awards – Arcade Game.

Title: Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball – Jupiter Edition
Year of release: 2016
Publisher: Gemini Software Studio
Author: Milos Visnjic


Major update! New Version 3.0 of Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball Android Game available

Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball game has greatly improved.


Tons of new game features. Just to name a few:

  • Crazy curved racing tracks
  • Various moving obstacles to make your life a bit more difficult.
  • Game pickups you’ll love:
  1. Power jumps
  2. Extra jumps
  3. Extra life
  4. Extra time

Arcade Level pack compete for one of the hardest game on the Android market.
Enjoy cool arcade feel.

Promotional video:

Thank you for playing, always.

Coming Soon: TrailBreaker – Rolling Sky Ball update

I’m working on major TrailBreaker – Rolling Sky Ball¬†update.
To make it all better, more interesting, tracks(levels) will be a bit wobbly.
Given time to finish any level will be shortened, it would not be enough time to finsih a¬†level, so there will be power-pickups. ‘Extra time’ as most important one, ‘Super Speedy Jump’ and ‘Extra Life’.
Beside Space junk, evil obstacles will will make sure your playgame wouldn’t be so easy.
I’ll come up with nice screenshots and videos soon.
New release will be ready within few weeks. Hopefully sooner.
Talk to you soon. Thanks for all yours support.


Top 5 New Most Addictive Android & iOS Games : May 2016

Nice news.
¬† has selected Trailbreaker Rolling Sky Ball – Jupiter edition, our free to play Android game, to be on list of newly released best and most addictive Android and iOS games of 2016. These are the best Android & iOS games for killing time when you have nothing to do, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy playing them!


How to do jump

In Trailbreaker РRolling Sky Ball game, force to the  jump does not add instantly. When you press jump button, next third of the second (or less) force would be exponentially added, always against ground (track).
Means, if you want to perform longer jump, be sure you have just a bit of enough track in front of your Jupiter.
When you need longer jump, please resist temptation to jump  from the very edge of the track. Once in the air, if there is no ground/track below to add force against it, your jump will be short.

Practice. It is not so hard.